The Fascinating “Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque” is now open for visitors!!

Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque is a magnificent and iconic artistic statement embellishing Oman’s skyline. A marble-clad marvel that presents the community an avenue to profess their faith, the mosque graces the serene skies of Ghubrah, just off the Southern Expressway, at a height of 62.5 metres above sea level. Construction of the Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque commenced in 1429 AH / 2008 AD and was completed in 1435 AH / 2014 AD.

The construction activity brought together world-renowned designers, materials, technologies, artists and suppliers from many parts of the globe including Iran, Italy, Germany, Austria, India and the UK. The grand Al Ameen Mosque rests on a huge area of 20,300 sq. m. The main Prayer Hall is 1616 sq. m. and can accommodate 2100 people. The Chandeliers – Main Prayer Hall’s 11-metre tall and the Ladies Prayer Hall’s 4.5 -meter tall are finished with 24-karat gold plating and Swarovski crystals. The Mosque has a total of 3000 sq.m. of hand carved works-of-art in stone in the form of Islamic patterns and calligraphy.