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Welcome to NTT Travel

National Travel & Tourism is a leading travel management firm specializing in corporate travel. Recognized for our award-winning services with leading airlines, we provide custom travel solutions for companies small and large, locally and globally. As a leader in comprehensive travel management services, NTT is proud to provide maximum value and multi-faceted convenience for businesses and individuals around the world.

Differentiate ourselves & provide great customer service by enhancing our customer experience.  NTT gives you diverse world of global, regional and local travel expertise covering both business and leisure travel. NTT Travel has a strong team of travel professionals who share one objective: to serve the unique needs of discerning travellers. Established more than 3 decades ago, NTT travel consultant will create travel experiences that are yours alone, shaped by your needs, tastes and dreams.

Travel Assistance

Our expertise will ensure your journey is completely hassle free while providing complete travel solutions such as tickets, hotels, travel insurance and travel related services.

Seat Assistance

We’re dedicated in providing a positive travel experience to all our customers, we assist you in getting right seats for your journeys.

Lounge Service

We assist travelers in arranging lounge facilities In Oman and UAE.

Customer Service

Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced people, who help us achieve our goals in delivering an optimum and first class service to our clients.