Oman just allowed citizens of 25 countries to enter on an unsponsored e-visa

Royal Oman Police has announced that citizens of some 25 countries can now come to Oman on a non-sponsored e-visa.

In a statement posted online, Royal Oman Police listed the 25 countries and added: “Regulations for Granting E- Non-Sponsor Tourist Visa for Citizens of the Following Countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Albania, Uzbekistan, Iran, Panama, Bhutan, Bosnia, Peru, Belarus, Turkmenistan, The Maldives, Georgia, Honduras, Salvador, Tajikistan, Guatemala, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Costa Rica, Laos, Mexico and Nicaragua.

The regulations include that an applicant must have a passport that is valid till not less than six months of application, must be a resident or a holder of a valid visa of to one of these countries; The US, Canada, Australia and the UK, or Schengen countries at the time of the application, must have two-way flight and confirmed hotel reservation (in the Sultanate). A circular was issued earlier this month by the Ministry of Tourism about providing tourist visas without sponsor to citizens of India, China and Russia too. The regulations also stated that accompanying spouse and children of a holder of this e- non-sponsor tourist visa can also benefit from it.

Source: Times of Oman